A New Conversation

A New Conversation In Health

HIPAA box the company is reborn.

We gives advice and offers the industry insight about the software  revolution changing Healthcare. We Report on the trends at a macro level, and dig into particular capabilities affecting the care industry.

We do this around a methodology that seeks to measure the effectiveness of products and services against the system goals.

System Goals

We are in the business to advise our clients how to build, sell, deploy, and use software to meet the goals of the healthcare system.


Healthcare goals:

  • More Access
  • Better Outcomes
  • Financial Efficiency


In evaluating products and services we measure how these three system goals are satisfied. A product is seen as better if it satisfies all of these goals with excellence, and of course each of these goals becomes a lever by which we can evaluate a product. At times a product will be excellent in satisfying only one goal but that will be sufficient. At others a product will be excellent in one dimension but because it does badly in the other two it will be considered as inferior.

In most cases these levers are not absolute, and so transparency of assumptions is important.

Often it will be important to understand how a product is performing in the marketplace. We will investigate this aspect of adaption as part of our core competence.

Our Promise

We will only work with the greatest clients in the world. If we take on a client it is because we believe in the work they are doing, as satisfying the system goals in important ways.

We are hoping to be briefed by vendors of healthcare products and services that are altering the landscape because of their ability to use software effectively.